Artistic Process

Grace in nature, portrayed

Pasqualina is my pseudo as a nature painter portraitist. Established in Spain since 2017, it is where I started to allow space and time to what had been until then a smothered wish, rarely expressed.
I have a fondness for decorative arts and a sensitivity for oriental aesthetics, that both fuel my inspiration. They were latent and came out during my studies in Interior Design. Although, it is with painting, graphic design, illustration and occasional writing, that I satisfy my need for a varied creativity, and that I can best echo a patchwork of thoughts and emotions. Self-taught in order to go my own pace, I explore ideas through poetic and/or symbolistic lenses, hence the birds in my work, a topic of essence from the start. 

I relate with nature in an innermost way, open to the invisible beyond biology. My inspiration is thrilled when 
candor, delicacy, or nobleness radiate. By catching the subtle aliveness in nature's creations, I aim to mirror the same essence as that of our soul, which stimulate the sense of being connected to the whole. 

Through an array of media such as acrylic, oil paint, metal leaf or carved wood, I like to portray an ensemble coming out vibrantly, gracefully and in a meaningful way, as does the chosen subjectMy work is more about expressing the unseen than wishing to be hyper-realistic. Though the former aim takes precedence, I work out details until a connection is established. And it usually happens once I have achieved a certain level of refinement and sophistication.

My artwork ranks from small to larger, integrating easily into everyday life. My wish is to render the source of wonder accessible at all times by representing its vibrations as faithfully as possible, and bring a soothing joy and gentleness into people's  lives.


2019 :


MAY 2019 : "Arts in the Garden"
Collective art exhibition at MASTER GARDEN BENIMARCO, Teulada - SPAIN


2021 :

4 JULY -> 6 AUGUST 2021 : "Spirit of Nature"/"Espíritu de la Naturaleza"

Joint exhibition with my artist friend Tania HENS.
Organized by the Town Hall of Benissa, at the AULA DE LA MAR, Benissa - SPAIN.